Ford aftermarket aux input install

Monday, July 22, 2019
This is a aftermarket, baseball, monitor and rear cross traffic, assist system for Toyota rav4 or non Ranger millimeter replace the sensor two sensors here and harness just a bracket for the holding center that practice for the rav4 away. Also it comes with a heated mirror see here. The salaat a signal estimation of a single, simple, the only single typical, is that the K values on this cable, so they are side view mirror assembler. This is difficult, but the other things are pretty easy. All that installation case does not come with the any instruction, but a actually. I don't need any infection, because, because of the digital control box, this is s winter colors you, you will make any mistake. You can just plug in and play this installation kits for the for rav4 only because the mirror and the breaking of the sensor or the company has a different installation case for other cost for important. I carry Intuit our Highlander. If you have all discussed, you can buy on function the most challenging for that installation. I think observance the. Why should be our side view mirror. I will do this first and the wise is very difficult. I know, but I somebody to me is easy. First, I tried to run right through here, but if I cannot do it, I would take a whole things off and then try inside also to the middle oops. I found some problem here see this. There are four four years here and I already know already know: the mirror has a four Clippers little tips click around here, but that I will not see the difference so that one cannot install here because they will for the Chinese version of a rare, for this Is a US version different, so what I can do is take it off and put a mirror the original pin. We can do that now. Five scoops three Samira has a group I have to. Finally our separate okay. Now this is a the aerial turn signal here. Oh, I have separate another one. This is the forty arrow turn signal, but it is. I found out that mirrors to dock the a no signal install whether you cannot see very clearly, so I decide to don't install the head of signal. This is uh the one I finished you see here put the original back panel. So it's ready to install and uh now's time to take the side, mirror off and move. I will run run device. You know, then, the wise rule, but it's very difficult to run the. Why so I cut it off, it's only twice. I cut it off and then use the four p4p connector and that as a tool that other two wires are for the heated meet a mirror. So totally for wise I'll, open this up and then go so use this stream go and now act justly pull. I use a 4 by 4 or 4 pin connector. Now the mirror installation finished almost - and this is the very hot pot that takes time and the patient remaining installation will be my I just finished the side view mirror installation. It was a hub. Actually, I came by a whole assembler at the eBay about $ 80 dollars, so makes things a lot easy. Okay, now time to install the sensor, I will open it spot. It'S not necessary to do because of my height. I have the Beca parking sensor in stores. So I have to it's not difficult. Sorry, creepers here, pull in the bottom and not put our here is our 14 minute, with the scoop totally false course. Oh take the pump cover off bracket installed. I will put a sensor on it. So he'll put the sensor wires through here. So that's that's why I need open the side panel. Actually, the waiking goes through this whole sauce. So no don't need open the side panel, but this whole the grommet - it's too small, so not easy to go through. So that's why and let me open open this up. So it's easy to move me. I have put everything back and now I install the maze and it's there there we go see the connect to the head unit and this is a pretty long enough. This is a connect with a push button, the source so very simple. This is for the right side left side. The turn signal right side turn signal, also just plugging hook into box. That'S it! Okay. Now the first thing Sonny opened, the heading ten millimeter part power supply for the head unit. I just use this one connector to the website. As a male fee, Oh window I saw, and now I may put a head unit back and also disconnect the are negative. I disconnect the power under Sam pull this plug off. You see this here this you put this one, the be this one: the 3 B, 3 e 3c. Ah, the yellow wires, it's a freebie ping. 14! That'S the the you see here, sent Center center column count from top 4 / 4 pink sit down. This is the right side. This is the right side. The yeah I mean I'm left side. Okay, 3b pin 14 3c pin 14 is for the right side. The blue color: I have to pull the 3b out that big black wire is a real defroster. I need connect T. This is the four left side window 7: the fall right side window this we sambira heat a new connector. There were absolutely no, that is, to commit I'll connect, the real defroster. Why I use the our T table that's 14 to 16 gauge gauge. I have netted a box. I will put a box inside this area all right after that almost finished. It gets a fit pull here, so I can close the box. Everything will be fine. Now I put everything back. This is the DSM push bottle here, we're pushing enabled if I push out disabled, enable disabled okay. Now we go out to test don't test. I can't push it close to my hi turned out you will. You will not send a warning signal because I am NOT going to change your life. If I need to change your line signal, it won't be see, turn down. Psm feature has been installed and tested. It works fine and there are some information, may be you. This is the place I bought just seeing Chinese, but you can see the RAM for certain certain. That'S me 2013 and the after. If we click on that one, the prices should thirty six hundred yen metadata. So that's the one one, two six point: eight: the ratio. Yes, so that's close to five hundred forty dollars, but this company does not ship internationally and also they only accept a DP. That'S all in Chinese. If we want by the scenes there is another company can handle there, that company call the web address. Is a supervisor comm unique, create your account and then give them the link of this where to buy and call quality, and then they handle that for you, they say, buy and ship to your house and then you paid to the company. I have to say I have to now work for each of these companies, so that's your choice. I'M also that link. Let me switch to the this is a rare forward. If we go to the forints fourth-generation exterior here, I have a post and let's see so on the first page in here, you can see the link here. That'S the shipping purchase and shipping. So that gets the place I bought it. So, yes, you can click on and check by yourself. Okay, that's all about it! So thank you for watching oops. I forgot to say my email addresses cz D. You at Jono, calm. If you have a question just give me an email, send me an email. We can discuss this. Thank you. Bye,

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