How To Install an Aftermarket Car Radio with Bluetooth

Monday, July 22, 2019

So today we're replacing this factory radio. This happens to come from a 2010 Subaru Impreza. What'S funny about this radio is that it does not have bluetooth, believe it or not. So the aftermarket unit, we're installing, will have bluetooth and I'll show also how to install the bluetooth microphone if you're interested in doing something like this. In this case, this radio was purchased from Crutchfield comm. I don't have any affiliation with Crutchfield. I just think it's a nice sight because of the simplicity if you purchase the radio from them, they'll include the mounting hardware specific for your vehicle and a wire harness specific for your vehicle, so it just makes the job a lot more easier. It'S more seamless! You don't have to go crazy, finding parts and that sort of thing, so this is essentially a step-by-step guide on how to remove your old radio wire everything up and install your new unit. So that being said, let's go ahead there really quickly before you guys begin. This job make sure you disconnect the negative terminal at the battery. So of course, the first step is removing the housing around the radio to have one of these radio bezel removal tools, essentially a plastic set. You can pick up pretty much anywhere, so I know on this vehicle. There are clips up here and there are clips on the bottom as well, so you just take the tool, and sometimes you have to press pretty hard will just press in there and there you go see just go around the circumference here and me go back up Here just gently pry off like so, and then we have four screws, two on left and two on the right here, holding in the radio, so we'll, of course, just go ahead and remove the four screws. Then just gently pull out the radio and you'll have some connections. Let me see if I can give you a better view here. Okay, I think that's a little bit better, so we have a connection right here. This is for your antenna. You have a harness right here, just press down, there's a tab in the middle that you can press press down and put on the harness, don't pull on the wires pull on the harness itself. You have this black wire again just feel. Sometimes it could be a little tricky to find, but, as you can see, there is a little prong here to press down on and then we will pull more down here and that's it. So, of course, what we need to do is hook up the wire harness now. A lot of you may think this is the worst job or the most difficult job. It really isn't that bad, but I'll show you what I think is probably the easiest way to do this. What I have here this black wire, this came with the Sony Radio and then I have an adapter. Now there are two companies out there that make that makes these adapters. One is called metro, that's probably the biggest in the business. That'S mit RA, the other one, I believe is American International. Both of them are perfectly fine, so in other words, this harness plugs into the vehicle and again this is the plug that goes to the Sony, radio, but the whole point behind this is it's all color-coded the wires everything matches. So, in other words, I take the red wire coming from the Sony adapter and I take the red wire coming from, in this case the metro or American International. Whatever you have you take the red wire coming from your adapter, you solder. The connections and this is heat, shrink tubing, I'm not going to show how to solder. There are so many videos out there showing how to solder, in fact, the ultimate RC he does. A very good job showing how to solder, but that's exactly what you're going to do so you match your your you color code, everything so red to red. In this case, we have a white wire with a black stripe, connect it to the white wire, with the black stripe, yellow to yellow and so forth. So once you make all of your connections, this harness is ready to go now. Sometimes you may have some wires that are not used, in other words, in other words there there is no orange wire for this Sony connection and if I read it says illumination, but I already know once I plug this in the dash or the Sony. Radio will light up. So what you do is you just clip the end and then I put a little piece of heat shrink tubing over it and then, of course we have the black wire black is always your round. But when you purchase your radio, it will come with a ground wire, so you won't need this as well so again for this, I just clipped it and put heat shrink tubing right over now. This aftermarket radio happens to have bluetooth, so what we need to do is hook up the microphone now. If your aftermarket radio doesn't have bluetooth or you don't plan on installing bluetooth, you can pretty much skip this step, but for guys out there that's curious to see how this works or how this hooks up. There'S a console on this vehicle right here. Let me just bring the camera up a little bit, so you can see this and there are Clips so this on this vehicle that it just unclips and, as you can see on the back here, are your clips. There'S one down here, there's another one on the bottom and of course you have two right here in the dashboard, so this whole console or this piece of console just pulls right out, there's all screws to remove nothing, it's all clips and then, of course, here's your Microphone now the question is: how do you feed the wire coming from here and feed it into where the radio will be installed? Now, of course, you can always remove all the plastics here and make the job a little bit easier, but what I'm going to use is this tool. I have that has this type of grabbing end, and this is what the other end looks like. So when you push it in, it opens up this end, you release it and it grabs whatever you need, and this is just a wonderful tool to have if you ever drop bolts that are really deep. If you don't have a magnetic tool, this can just grab it. Even if you are using plastic tabs a magnetic tool, cam pick up the plastic. Obviously, so this can just grab whatever you need now. Let me show you what my plan is for this job. So what I'm going to do is just remove this console and again this is the wire going to the microphone as you can see, they give you a lot of wire, but what I'm interested is in this guy now, instead of taking apart all of this plastic, What I'm going to do is just feed this tool to meet me up right here. So let me show you I'm going to just feed gently this tube or this tool until my left hand can grab it and there we go we'll grab the end of this wire and place it right in the tool. So now it's very snug and then just feed the wire through the dashboard and there you go now. I'M just snapping this console back into the vehicle and again just snug up your wire, this wire right here running to the mic and then, of course, I'll bring up the steering wheel. Now, of course, what we need to do is install the new radio. Now this happens to be a single din radio. That means the thickness of the radio. Double din would enclose this entire housing. So this is a single din and if you happen to like the thicker radios that are touchscreen, maybe GPS and everything else, then you want to double din. But the owner for this vehicle decided to go with the single din because it has all of the capabilities that they're looking for and also they're less expensive. Now I do recommend there is one website I don't have any affiliation with them, but they just have a nice site, because if you purchase the radio from them, they will include the housing. Now this plastic housing is made specific for this vehicle and they'll include the wire harness for your vehicle. That'S this guy! That we soldered before so they'll include the housing the wire harness, but once you have everything essentially, what you're going to do is take your radio and you just bolt it to this housing. It'S very, very simple, yeah one screw here another screw here. This holds the radio to this housing and then you have two small Phillips that holds one end here and two small Phillips on the other end. So this just holds everything in one piece. So what I'm going to do is temporarily reconnect the negative terminal on the battery. Then we'll grab our wire harness again. The black lead goes toward the radio. This 10 lead plugs into the vehicle. Then, of course, you ever ground, don't forget just to temporarily connect your ground wire. Now, that's any metal ground is any metal point on the vehicle. So there's a metal harness. Excuse me there's a metal bracket right here. There'S the metal bracket right here. So I'm just going to fit it in between for now now, if you don't hook up your ground, nothing is going to happen. So you just got a that's good enough and then I'm going to grab the this is the harness the wire harness connect it to the vehicle, make sure it snaps and grab the other end, and what I'm doing here is just making sure everything works before I. We button everything up well connect this to the back of the radio like so, and then, of course, don't forget, we just want to make sure that we have a signal here. So this is your antenna and then plug it to the rear of the vehicle. Excuse me: the rear of the radio. Okay. Now, let's turn the key and let's make sure everything is working and then we'll wrap up the installation here, all right. So let's see everything lights up. So that's good pandora, radio, phone bluetooth, phone, tuner, okay, so everything looks okay to me, guys so we're just going to button everything up, install it into the dashboard and we'll be in good shape. So everything works on the radio, which is great news. I'M just going to button everything up so again just take your ground and let me just give you a zoom in here. As you can see, this is a metal bracket. So this is a great ground point. What I'm going to do is insert this connector behind this plastic tab and fit it. So it makes clear contact with this metal love, this metal mounting point and then we'll fit the radio right over it, make our connections and we'll be done and again. This is the Bluetooth or the microphone connection that goes into this guy right here and right on it. It says mic in. So that's of course, your your connection point these screws that I'm tightening these are the factory screws that held in the factory radio. So you can just reuse the same screws again and then just reinstall the trim piece here and that's it guys. I hope this video helps you out. You

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